Liteboxer VR Review: Fitness Bundle

liteboxer vr review

Lose weight and get in shape with the help of the Late Arrival Fitness Package and a virtual reality boxing gym. Liteboxer has a stand, a punching bag, and headphones to work out to music. It’s also fun to do! And what else could one want? Read this liteboxer vr review to learn more.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle A Virtual Reality Facility

If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of boxing but don’t have access to a genuine trainer, the Liteboxer may be the solution. With the advent of virtual reality boxing gyms, elite instructors may now travel to your house. Liteboxer VR review, the best vr fitness facility.

You can interact with the trainer at any time during the course. The Liteboxer coaches also provide boxing advice and drills for warming up. This makes using a virtual trainer the best choice when working out at home.

Liteboxer’s virtual reality boxing gym has hand tracking, allowing you to punch your opponent. Liteboxer also features an extensive library of virtual boxing tutorials, and all are kept up to date. You can create your training plan, complete with rigorous sparring bouts.

You’ll get a great workout and have a blast doing it. When using Liteboxer, you can challenge other users to fight. Users can issue challenges to other gym-goers and engage in virtual sparring with the help of this app.

This will allow you to gauge how well your abilities stack up against those of others. Virtual reality training is the most effective approach to honing your fighting skills. You don’t have to be a boxing fan to enjoy free Liteboxer VR.

Unboxing Experience/Liteboxer VR Review

Punching Bag

Workout software and a punching bag are included in the Liteboxer exercise kit. It could be used as a home gym for your workout routine. Many different punching routines and techniques are included in the program. The app features a progress tracker and a quote-sharing component to connect you with loved ones. The Liteboxer punching bags come in two sizes, constructed from durable nylon.

A great method to get in shape is using the Liteboxer training equipment. A punching bag and a protective shield are included. Access to its online community is offered for free as well.

Using this program, you may even have a virtual punching bag fight with your pals. The fitness bundle also includes a free month of access to an exercise-tracking app.

A Stand

Considering its small stature, the Liteboxer packs quite a punch in terms of durability. It has a similar surface to a gym floor and a strong metal base.

When utilizing the Liteboxer, you must do so while standing on a stand that provides a counterbalance. The top of the Liteboxer, the striking shield, may be adjusted to suit various punching stances.

Music Feature

There is a built-in MP3 player in the Liteboxer fitness system. Music is a must when exercising, and you won’t hear the same song twice. In terms of licensing, Universal Music Group has an agreement with Liteboxer. In time with the beat of your favorite music, the sensors will show encouraging messages as you work out.


The Liteboxer app controls the whole Liteboxer fitness bundle. To connect to your Liteboxer, the app utilizes Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. By signing up, you’ll have access to Liteboxer’s premium services, including a plethora of benefits like unlimited on-demand workouts, new daily content, trending music, and acclaimed trainers. Start with Liteboxer immediately by downloading the app and signing up for a free account.



The Liteboxer VR exercise kit is presently available for pre-order. You can get a great workout with nothing more than some boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a yoga mat. A membership that lasts three months costs $89 or $29 per month.

Although Liteboxer Fitness Bundle isn’t cheap, the company’s stock value has increased thanks significantly to a $6 million investment from Will Ventures. The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle costs $1,495 upfront plus $29 monthly for premium features.

You can track your progress with your trainer on your tablet or smartphone, provided they have a tablet dock. If you want to maximize your workout, use a boxing simulator with other gym equipment to reduce the risk of injury to your hands. Offers a fresh viewpoint to the group working together.