Plastic Surgery Under $600 in South Korea

plastic surgery under $600 in south korea

Korea’s influence on beauty techniques around the world is observable. Sheet masks, essences, double cleansing, elaborate product layering, glass skin, and other popular beauty trends have all risen in popularity due to K-beauty. Since then everyone is searching for plastic surgery under $600 in south korea!

Global clients, however, are not solely looking to Korea for skincare inspiration. Korean plastic surgery is becoming more popular both nationally and globally.

South Korea is commonly considered the “plastic surgery capital of the world.” According to data from the National Tax Service of South Korea from 2014, the country has approximately 600 clinics. More than half of all plastic surgery centers in South Korea are in Seoul, with 74.8 percent in the affluent Gangnam region.

What makes Korean Plastic Surgery unique? Is it required to go to South Korea to get it? Plastic Surgery for less than $600 in South Korea? Today, we’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions concerning Korean Plastic Surgery.

Why does South Korean society seem so enamored with the idea of plastic surgery?

Some estimates place South Korea as having the world’s highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita. A Gallup Korea survey found that among South Korean women ages 19 to 29, one in three had undergone surgical operations. The number may even be closer to 50%, as some other credible sources reported.

In 2015, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that over 445,140 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in South Korea, making up 4.6% of the global total. This statistic made the country the fourth busiest for surgical procedures globally, after the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

Individuals worldwide are flocking to Korea for their Plastic Surgery needs. Hundreds of thousands of people from other countries travel here for medical care every year. Incheon International Airport in Seoul proposed establishing a cosmetic surgery center due to the high volume of international passengers seeking medical treatment in South Korea. (When doctors discussed the dangers of flying so soon after Surgery, they scrapped the idea.)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s Republic

The Korean Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons reports that the practice of Plastic Surgery became commonplace in South Korean society in the late 1950s after the Korean War between North and South. Recently, tourists to South Korea have been looking for affordable plastic surgery procedures that don’t break the bank.

Reconstructive plastic surgery under $600 in South Korea was performed by military and UN medical personnel from the United States and the United Nations. Many people got hurt in the conflict, but the country learned some new skills.

In addition, Korean students who trained overseas returned to South Korea with updated medical knowledge and helped create plastic surgery programs at their universities. Since 1964, the field of Plastic Surgery in South Korea has been officially recognized as its medical subspecialty.

What Motivates Asians to Go Under the Knife (Surgeries)?

Patients in Korea want the aesthetic enhancement for similar reasons as patients elsewhere. The following are some concerns frequently voiced by Korean and other Asian patients:

  • nasal tip bulging
  • a flat nasal bridge
  • Narrow nostrils
  • Eyes that are small or “tired-looking.”
  • Monolids
  • Overly prominent cheekbones
  • chin protrusion
  • Chin weakness or receding
  • Jaws that are square, bulky, or masculine
  • Breasts are small.
  • Areolas or nipples that are large
  • Loss of facial volume

Is Plastic Surgery in Korea cheaper than in the US?

In the United States, Plastic Surgery can cost as much as $20,000, but in South Korea, the average cost is only $600. Korean plastic surgery is regarded as the most cutting-edge regarding safety and results because of its high demand and constant technological progress. South Korea is a great place to find Plastic Surgery at a reasonable price.

What percentage of South Koreans get plastic Surgery?

Around 10% of people in the 2020 study reported having cosmetic Surgery.

How many foreigners get plastic Surgery in Korea?

About 16.7 thousand non-Koreans will visit South Korean clinics specializing in cosmetic and plastic Surgery in 2021. This is a tad higher than the prior year. It’s still far lower than before the COVID-19 pandemic, though. A Google Trends analysis, however, shows that interest in affordable Plastic Surgery in South Korea has surged over the past year.

Ranking of Most Surgeries in the World

Position Country Total procedures:

  1. USA 4,361,867
  2. Brazil 2,267,405
  3. Mexico 1,043,247
  4. Germany   922,056
  5. India 895,896