Nobody is born with the ability to be perfect. Many of us live it and learn it. But, a subset of people enjoy ignoring the fact that every one of us is born with flaws, and the internet is full of them. Users on social media platforms frequently insult people below the belt, especially celebrities who are frequently on their radar.

Catherin Reitman, the actress from Workin’ Moms, has experienced the same thing. She has been enjoying the popularity of her show, but many internet trolls are teasing her for her lips. Indeed, she has been the focus of numerous derogatory and nasty messages and tweets.

Who is Catherine Reitman?

Catherine Reitman is a Canadian-American Taurus born in Los Angeles, California, on April 28, 1981. She wrote and acts in the comedy “Workin’ Moms,” which also stars Dani Kind and Juni Rinaldi. The series follows four Toronto mothers and friends trying to balance love and family. It has won four awards and been nominated for 25 more.

Catherine is more than an actress. She’s also a screenwriter and producer. Her popular series, Workin’ Moms, in which she stars, is also written by her. The show, which also stars Dani Kind and Juni Rinaldi, has aired since 2017.

Who is Catherine Reitman Married to?

Catherine keeps her love life a closely guarded secret. Since 2009, she has been married to Philip Sternberg.

Philip is a director, producer, and actor. He is well-known for being the President of Candor Entertainment. He has also appeared in several popular films and television episodes, including City Boys, Firefly, First Flight, and Southland Tales. Philip has written the television series The Super and the documentary film Divorce Corp. Surprisingly, he served as director for nine episodes of her wife’s show.

Early life and education

Catherine was reared by their French-Canadian mother, Genevieve Robert, an actress, and their Slovak father, Ivan Reitman, a film director, alongside her brother Jason Reitman and sister Caroline Reitman.

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Catherine attended Cate School, where she grew interested in acting as a member of the school’s theater club and appeared in most of the school’s plays. She studied at the University of Southern California in 1999 and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in acting.

What Happened to Catherine’s Upper Lip?

According to accounts, Catherine’s top lip was distorted due to surgery. After the treatment, it emerged that the botched surgery resulted in granulomas. As a result of the mass of tissue generated by inflammation, infection, or the presence of a foreign object, she cannot seal her mouth.

According to reports, the actress chose another procedure to address this issue. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, the inept doctors, advised her to do it. She has not, however, corroborated the story about her lip augmentation.

Roles in movies

Catherine has been credited with appearing in over 50 movies and TV programs. We will discuss some of her most remarkable performances in this post.

Her mother cast her in the comic crime film “Twins,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Kelly Preston, when she was seven. The film won four Oscars and was nominated for one Golden Globe. The following couple of years saw Catherine feature in movies such as “Ghostbusters II,” “Kindergarten Cop” and “Dave,” while she made her vocal debut in 1996 when she contributed her voice to Nerdluck BUPKUS in the animated adventure comedy “Space Jam.”

Roles in TV series

Catherine made her television debut in 2003 in the episode “My Three Witches” of “Charmed,” starring Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Brian Krause as three witch sisters fighting evil.

She went on to feature in single episodes of various series, including “Judging Amy,” “All of Us,” and “Kath & Kim,” among many others, before being cast as The Kid in the science fiction fantasy comedy “The Ballad of Mary & Ernie,” starring Vanessa Celso, Darcy Halsey, and James Ellis Lane.

Nominations and awards

Catherine has been nominated for multiple awards for her work on “Workin’ Moms,” including two Canadian Screen Awards in 2018 for Best Lead Actress, Comedy, and Best Comedy Series, and three more awards in 2019 for Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actress, Comedy, and Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series, as well as an ACTRA Toronto Award for Outstanding Performance – Ensemble.

Hobbies and other interests

Catherine is a family woman who spends most of her free time with her children but still finds time to do a few things for herself.

She enjoys traveling, though she has yet to travel as much since having her first child – Catherine’s acting career has taken her all over the United States and to several Canadian cities. She’s also visited several European countries, with Paris in France being her favorite.